The Amazon Rainforest is up for auction...

Who is going to help save our friends who live there?

Eco-thriller Novel

Jabujicaba is our eco-thriller novel set in Brazil: the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and the president is auctioning off the Amazon rainforest... A movie is under development.


We tell inspirational stories through literature, theatre and film to help save our planet. We work with young eco-creatives. Could you be one?

Jabuji Debates

We reframe global environmental debate to be positive and inspirational so young people become a voice for nature. We have been running the Jabuji Debates with Eton College since 2014. Join us!

Forum Theatre

We use creative and emotional learning to explore existential environmental themes. Our techniques are based on forum theatre, role play and the eco-thriller Jabujicaba


Inspiring action for Nature through creative storytelling

Making Jabujicaba The Movie

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