Jabujicaba – a novel campaign

Inspiring action for Brazil’s rainforest & its wildlife

“Brazil is bankrupt and the Amazon is up for auction. Journalist Carmen Macedo is sent to investigate an environmental disaster in the depths of the rainforest and is forced to confront tragic events from her childhood. Can she and the mysterious Braga uncover the truth, before their country is destroyed?…”

Hanging out in the garden of Carmen's childhoodJabujicaba is an eco-thriller that funds the protection of Brazil’s rainforest and wildlife. It will fire the hearts of the next generation of eco- warriors – inspiring us all into action, adventure and discovery.

Tequila, a Jabuji-friend, who was rescued and now lives at Isle of Wight Zoo

Tequila, a Jabuji-friend, who was rescued and now lives at Isle of Wight Zoo

Jabujicaba the campaign is about immersing yourself in the novel, falling in love with the rainforest, and engaging in action to help save it. Keep on top of developments with our Jabuji Debates and Rainforest Rap to make your voice heard for creative positive change.

If you’re more of an armchair activist – buy Jabujicaba and begin reading today: the e-book is just £2.50 or the paperback is £8.99. The royalties go to the World Land Trust, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Isle of Wight Zoo. 

Plans are also progressing fast, for Jabujicaba the film…..

There are so many ways you can take positive action to save Brazil’s rainforest and wildlife, so explore the website to be inspired, spread the word and  feedback your ideas…


Credits: book cover design © Henry Rivers; sloth artwork by Leah Bray © Jabujicaba; jaguar photo © Isle of Wight Zoo