The Team

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 Sigrid Shreeve, founder (left) Kerri Hicks (right), biology teacher,  EtonCollege

 Sir David Attenborough and Verity White

Verity White, award-winning film maker from BBC Natural  History Unit who helped get the development of Jabujicaba the movie up and running


Clelia Goodchild

Ellie Clelia Goodchild (right) now photographer/filmmaker Eleanor Warnick (left) now journalist   who, as recent language graduates from Oxford University, both helped  build the foundations of  Voices for Nature


Yrsa Daley-Ward  poet, scriptwriter and actress who supported our movie development and crowd-funding for Jabujicaba the movie.

Her published work includes Bone and On Snakes and Other Stories.


Nicole Collet


Henry Rivers, cover designer of Jabujicaba

Nicole Collet translator of our eco-thriller novel Jabujicaba into Portuguese

Henry Rivers, cover design for novel Jabujicaba at our book launch   

Bethan below the equator where she likes to be most     

Bethan John environmental journalist, Wildlands Creative

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Ruby Crepin-Glyne, actress and singer who helped produce  The Amazon Auction forum theatre



Other eco-creatives who have worked for Voices for Nature:

Gaby Docherty, film development,  who also made our World Cup animation

Alissa Bray, Oxford science student and Green Rep, Trinity College

Leah Bray (sister of the latter), art graduate who painted wildlife art work for our outreach work

Toby Jones, now with the Environment Agency, then  geography student at York

Alex Collins, now geography student Edinburgh University, then sixth former

Klara Hansen, now geography student at Nottingham University, then sixth former