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Professor, Religion & Philosophy, Mercer University

“I read JABUJICABA and found the unexpected. Not only did I encounter rich and colorful descriptive narrative, filled with unforeseen imagery. More importantly, I found myself and my privileged world indicted by a current of sadness and even anger at the willful neglect and deliberate waste of the vast and beautiful forests of Brazil, literally killed by those who had “the unacceptable face of greed.”

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English Teacher, International School, Geneva

“The forest came to life with great intensity. This is perhaps the aspect of the book I loved the most.The compelling rhythm certainly kept me going and I read it rapidly. There is clearly a huge amount of knowledge that goes with this story, and I would call it a cross between Indiana Jones and Medicine Man (remember that film with Sean Connery?). Definitely a fun way of feeling the problems of the Rainforest.”

The Oxford Student

“The whole book is hypnotizing; half the book can fly by in a blend of other worldly description of the rainforest; bright and vivid colours, animals and sounds, heat, humidity and the smells. Before you know it you find yourself at the dramatic climax with the rainforest on the brink of being sold off to people with little love for it. The plot line cleverly steers the audience to truly believe the rainforest is worth saving with unexpected twists and turns right up until the very end!”

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The Oxford Student

Oxford Amazonian Anthropologist

I’m on my way up the Rio Negro –com muito saudade do Brasil!* This intriguing tale of undercover agents and charismatic adventurers follows intrepid journalist Carmen Macedo as she untangles the creepers of her past, as well as those of her uncertain future. Carmen recalls her mother’s amorous misadventures and the traumas of her childhood, both of which pave the path of the quest for the legendary jabujicaba berry.

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A lighter shade of green

The World Land Trust

“With its closely woven plot, charismatic characters and sense of impending danger, the book is a page turner. An eco-thriller, the book brings environmental issues to life in a way that a worthier tome about rainforest conservation might fail to do. And, along with its Indiana Jones style setting and characters, Jabujicaba has the potential to communicate serious conservation issues to a general audience.”

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