Serendipity and synchronicity!


Serendipity and synchronicity are the operative words when it comes to Making Jabujicaba the Movie. This is how we met Yrsa Daley-Ward – Verity our producer in the early film development days was looking for somebody who she felt could be the ‘face of Carmen‘ and screen-test for the part. What she thought would be a long haul was over the instant she came across Yrsa’s profile doing a quick search whilst we were having a cup of coffee. We really liked the sound and look of Yrsa. Verity met her in London and our collaboration began…

Yrsa is a published poet, a wordsmith, a believer in the power of telling stories and she has experience in forum theatre. With her own multi-cultural roots Yrsa writes about issues central also to Jabujicaba as Carmen searches for her own cultural roots and learns what it is to love and be loved.

Of course, making a movie is a long haul but the script is under development and we have our Carmen!

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