Outputs by our young eco-creatives

The young people working with Voices for Nature have produced outstandingly creative work which explores distant habitats and complex environmental issues through film, theatre, music and art. Here we showcase some examples of their work. Ages range from 5-25 years old.


A short video of the event run by Voices for Nature at Oxford Festival of the Arts, 2016 including the young filmmakers Uncharted Amazon, Film Oxford, students from Wheatley Park School and Oxford capoeira groups Abolicao and Angoleiros do Mar.

FORUM THEATRE SHOWREEL our our work with young people.

Here we showcase forum theatre with Wheatley Park School, Oxford university students and young actors working for Voices for Nature.

CAMPAIGN VIDEOS made as part of Voices for Nature’s Rainforest Day, Oxford Festival of the Arts, 2016. They were produced by young people taught story-boarding techniques by Voices for Nature and video editing skills by Film Oxford. The raw footage used was from the documentary Uncharted Amazon of which Voices for Nature were the executive producers.

SONG – WILD IS THE WIND a musical contribution to our work, covered by William Goodchild for our Facebook page as part of crowdfunder #VOOM2016. You might recognise his voice from some of our videos.

CAMPAIGNING FUN: our Twerking Turtle video  which went viral on our Facebook page as part of crowd-funding campaign, #VOOM2016


Some personal favourites  poem Um Sueno en la Floresta (in English) the narrative A Magic Place, the beautiful guitar playing accompanying the video submission The Heart of Brazil.


Rapping a rainforest message about where paper comes from, by the Collins sisters. This was part of a rainforest learning day held in an Oxford primary school and community fair.

RAINFOREST ART – just some of the amazing watercolours of Amazon rainforest animals painted on commission, by art school graduate Leah Bray, 2014


He really has a fine head of hair     Hanging out in the garden of Carmen's childhoodThe curious white-nosed coati watching Carmen batheHowler monkey thinkingjaguarborder (2)



“We are Forest” with the children of North Hinksey Primary School, Oxford June 2014 – fun hands-on learning including foot painting, poetry and rainforest rapping.
DSC00008 (3)
Written around the foot painting above are the words:

I am a piece of paper. A precious piece of paper. I come from a tree.  A tree that was once growing in a forest, a living forest, living just like me.  I want you to use me  over and over, to paint me, to write on me, to make me so beautiful the whole world knows what a special precious piece of paper I am, which once came from a tree.

My soul is tree. My heart, my body. I am tree. Touch me. Walk on me. Feel me all smooth and beautiful, such a precious tree from a forest. A living forest that protected and sheltered and fed and healed. All breathing together, we trees are the lungs of the earth.

But don’t be sad my friend. I am happy to be your paper. So happy for you to touch me and make me beautiful. So proud to be useful. I’m just asking that you don’t waste me because I am precious, I who was once a tree. I ask you to make me beautiful so we live together. 

We are forests. You and me. Reuse me, over and over and never forget the forest where I came from and plant a new tree in my place.


Participative story-telling in West Oxford, July 2015

Making rainforest magic in West Oxford
Making rainforest magic in West Oxford


At the West Oxford Community Fair, July 2014