Jabuji Debates 2016/7

Rainforests of the sea

The theme of the Jabuji-Debates 2016/7 was Coral Reefs.

We explored the subject of coral reefs through Caretta Caretta a specially written novella by Rosa da Silva set in Brazil’s recently discovered Amazon Reef. The novella was especially written for Eton College who again ran the Jabuji Debates.  It is a sequel to the novel Jabujicaba  with the heroine Carmen Macedo.

The eco-thriller Caretta Caretta creatively explores geo-political issues and different stakeholder perspectives on how to best protect the world’s coral reefs. It also raises wider ethical issues concerning anthropocentric approaches to the protection our planet.

Students from London Academy of Excellence and Windsor School for Girls preparing for the Jabuji Debates 2016/7 with Eton College

Prior to the debate, workshops were held to build skills and knowledge with regards to debating from stakeholder perspectives, CITES/TRAFFIC and illegal wildlife trade in marine ecosystems and ownership and protection of global commons in a marine context.

The selection debate motion was:  ‘This house would band all trade in wildlife’ The final debate motion was: ‘This house would privatise Brazil’s coral reefs’

Caretta Caretta  is available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and all royalties go to conservation.

Caretta caretta is the species name for the Loggerhead sea turtle, currently listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.