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Learning through debate

The pupils of Burnham Grammar and Eton College who signed up for the Jabuji Pilot Debate had never formally debated before. They read the novel Jabujicaba in preparation and participated in two evening workshops run by Voices for Nature with the help of the Eton College Debating Society. They divided into two mixed teams, chose their characters from the novel, built their arguments and practised debating. They researched and worked together outside of the workshops to prepare their arguments on the debate motion:  “This house believes that as a sovereign state, Brazil has the right to sell off its own rainforests.” The issue was far more complex than first appeared… Time was limited. There was no practice run.

Here are the links to the short videos of the individual character perspectives on the Pilot Debate Motion. They are sequenced as in the Pilot Debate – A1 opened the debate, B1 replied, the A2 and so on…

Team A – arguing FOR the motion
Team B – arguing AGAINST the motion

A1 The Generals

B1 Braga

A2 Roberto Trani

B2 The Dutch Pension Funds

A3 Carmen Macedo

B3 The Godmother

B3  Professor van Hooven

A4 The People of Brazil

B4 President Marco Trani


Which team do you think won? Answer is here.

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