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Jabujicaba in Portuguese

Jabujicaba, the eco-thriller, was translated to Brazilian Portuguese in 2015  by  translator Nicole Collet  who is an author in her own right. The decision to produce a Portuguese edition made perfect sense given the Brazilian setting and concepts articulated in the original English text.   Rosa da Silva has more than 3000 Facebook followers, most of whom are Brazilian.

Nicole Collet was our chosen translator for Jabujicaba!
Nicole Collet – translator of Jabujicaba into Brazilian Portuguese

Here is a taster of ‘Jabujicaba‘ in English and translation with Mar the shaman making his magic.

In original:

“Mar was pounding leaves in a pestle and then ground his mortar round and round. The children sat and watched wide-eyed and the baby sloth began its slow descent from the branches of the stumpy tree under which they were sitting. As the sun moved to its midday position, the shadow of the branches shrunk further, exposing Mar to the sun’s scorching rays.” Part Two, Chapter 5

In Brazilian Portuguese:
Mar macerou as folhas em um almofariz, batendo com o pilão em movimentos circulares. As crianças sentavam-se observando de olhos arregalados, e o filhote de bicho-preguiça iniciou a lenta descida pelos galhos da árvore decepada sob a qual estavam. À medida que o sol se movia para o meio do céu, a sombra dos galhos ia encolhendo e expondo Mar aos raios ardentes.

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