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Forum Theatre

Voices for Nature uses techniques of  ‘forum theatre’ which was first developed in Brazil during the last military dictatorship and used to change mindsets and empower people to challenge the status quo.

We too use forum theatre to challenge and change. Our focus is on current anthropocentric and geo-political environmental thinking. We want people to better protect our planet for all.

In 2016 we  specifically based the forum theatre performance ‘The Amazon Auction’ on our eco-thriller novel Jabujicaba.  In 2017 we more  loosely used the novel as inspiration for our theatre “The Garden’s Secrets”.

November 2017, ‘ The Garden’s Secrets’ Oxford University Department of International Development

In The Garden’s Secrets we explore the ethical consequences of human domination of our planet with regards to population growth.  Our forum theatre  took place in December 2017 as part of the Educere Alliance launch.  The role of the ‘reticent’ shaman was inspired by the shaman in Jabujicaba , as was the workshop’s focus on healing plants and their traditional use for fertility and contraception.

The  Shaman was played by Dr Felix Padel, anthropologist, Oxford University.

The role of the Keeper of the Herbarium was played by Dr Stephen Harris, Plant Sciences, Oxford University as himself

Here is a taster video with the pleas of the leaders:

And the Shaman’s reply:


June 2016, ‘The Amazon Auction” Oxford University Botanic Gardens with Wheatley Park School

In The Amazon Auction we explore issues relating to the exploitation, conservation and ownership of the Amazon rainforest, based on the plot and character roles in our eco-thriller Jabujicaba.

The Amazon Auction was written and produced by Yr8 and Yr9 students of Wheatley Park School and performed in summer 2016 in the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens to a participating, drumming public audience.

As part of the performance the performers form two teams. They ‘pitch’ to the audience in order to get them to  support their bid in the mock auction of the Amazon Rainforest. The performers play roles of characters from the novel ‘Jabujicaba’.

Jabujicaba the Movie

Our ambition is to make a movie based on the eco-thriller ‘Jabujicaba’ in order to inspire a much wider general public to protect the rainforest and our planet.

Work on “Jabujicaba the Movie” began in 2014, with the encouragement of a well known Brazilian director and the support of BBC Natural History contacts including Verity White.

In 2016 we raised raised early film development funds through Richard Branson’s #VOOM2016. Doors have been opened and script development is on-going.

The actress Yrsa Daley Ward supports Voices for Nature’s work and hopefully gets to play the lead role of Carmen.



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