Uncharted Amazon documentary


 Voices for Nature are executive producers for the film Uncharted Amazon. Tristan Thomson, Declan Burley  and Chris Butler crowdfunded their expedition to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and shoot their documentary in 2014/5.  The full-length documentary feature film was released December 2015, sold to public television in Germany and France with a global distribution deal for other countries. Uncharted Amazon was shortlisted for Windscreen’s prestigious Panda Awards 2016.

ristan Thompson, Uncharted Amazon director in the field


The purpose of the documentary is to raise awareness to ensure illegal logging in the area stops and the rainforest is protected. Voices for Nature has worked with the raw footage in its educational and outreach activities. We also collaborated with Film Oxford we teach young people to storyboard and cut their own campaign videos.

Progress in the making of Uncharted Amazon’s film was covered by Voices for Nature in our  Uncharted Amazon Blog.

Check out Unchartered Amazon trailer





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